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Self lock toggle latch

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Update time : 2020-12-15 15:49:34
Self lock toggle latch

The use of toggle latch is normally as a kind of fast open, fast close a kind of function, sometimes need to press tight or seal requirement.In most cases, the name of the toggle latch is based on its function and different materials.

For example, according to the different functions, there are several product types, such as spring clasp, pressing clasp, adjusting clasp, etc.According to the different material has stainless steel toggle latch, toggle latch and so on a few kinds of forms.Today let’s me going to introduce to you the knowledge of self-locking latch products:

Self-locking toggle latch is a kind of toggle latch with fastening function, which can open and close quickly and lock automatically.The self-locking function of such products refers to a semi-self-locking and semi-manual method, which means that when we close the door, we still need to manually remove the handle of the latch, and the latch will automatically tighten at a certain point.

There is also another type of self-locking latch, or box lock, which has a keylike locking function. For example, the iron box lock, which requires the button next to it to be pressed when it is closed, can be unlocked by releasing the cover when it is put down.

Self-locking clasp has certain overlap with other industrial clasps to a certain extent, because this product is a functional part, and some customers may call it by its single function when they value its single function.Self-locking clasp is stable in quality and can be opened for tens of thousands of times. It is easy to install and easy to use.

The latch has heavy pulling force and can be fastened under strong vibration, which is not easy to loosen and fall off.However, it is forbidden to change the product hole distance at will and remove and change the product parts in use. In practical application, it should be used according to the bearing range of the product to avoid losses caused by excess load.
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