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What is a butt hinge, classic hinge

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Update time : 2021-01-18 17:20:58

Butt hinge


A hinge attached to the abutting surface of a door or cover.

The butt hinge is one of the most widely used hinges today. When you look at most commercial doors, you may see butt hinges that support the door. The length of these hinges is usually about 6 inches or less. They are installed for a variety of different applications and have multiple uses.


The butt hinge is composed of two hinge leaves. One is usually connected to a fixed component, such as a wall or door jamb, and the other is usually connected to a moving component, such as a door. These hinges are usually recessed or recessed on both surfaces. The pins hold the blades together and allow movement.


Most butt hinge pins are removable to allow removal of the door, but some are not removable for safety purposes. Check out our selection of movable pin butt hinges.


Compared with movable butt hinges, a safer solution is butt hinges with positioning pins. The fork pin remains firm, but the pin can be pushed out and removed with force. We have a variety of butt hinge options with pins.

heavy hinges

A good solution for safety hinges is to choose a butt hinge with pins on both ends. Unless you grind off a rotating end, the pin will not move anywhere. Browse our selection of non-detachable butt hinges.


Some butt hinges can even contain springs to allow the support to open or close. Review our selection of spring butt hinges.


Need to customize? We can provide a variety of customization options, including plating, perforating, cutting to a certain length, bending, offset, etc.! It can drill holes for butt joint hinges and provide any hole type you choose. For more information about custom docking hinges, please visit our custom page.

Stainless Steel Hinges

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